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Traffic is one of the important factors of any website and without traffic your website is like a flower with essence. Are looking you looking for unlimited, safe and geo location based traffic, then this is the tool which will help you generate unlimited safe traffic for any website. Traffic Exploder is an incredibly effective traffic bot at affordable price of $29


Let Find out some of its features:

Simple Dashboard: A nice, clean interface allows you to setup your first project in seconds. You’ll be able to flawlessly use Traffic Exploder without any issues.

Unlimited Views/Visitors: Generate unlimited views and visitors to any website.

Random Pause: Randomly pause on a page for a set interval to appear more human like.

Referrals: Make the traffic appear from any site on the web (including Google).

Multiple URL Support: Enter multiple URLs, Traffic Exploder will visit each one.

Thread Control: Control the number of bots visiting URLs simultaneously.

Deep Link Clicking: Click links in a website to simulate human traffic.

Proxy Finder: Never worry about finding fresh proxies again.

What’s more?
Each release is fully tested and bugs eradicated before the public sees it. In addition, they’ve sold hundreds of copies of Traffic Exploder to users generating traffic 24×7. Some of the users have even used this software to sell traffic (IE: SEOClerks).
Is this traffic safe?
Yes, this bot will produce safe traffic. It will not click on ads.
If you are looking to re-sell a website you can show the buyer your analytic reports and more it will improve your alexa rankings. Traffic use dependent on your purpose.
Note: This traffic will not convert signup, comment, post, etc on your website. The purpose of  Traffic Exploder is to simulate real traffic as humanly as possible without costing extra money.

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