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best gift for diwaliBest gifts for Diwali 

Diwali is the most auspicious festival for the Hindus which is widely celebrated in India. Diwali is celebrated across all globes where a Hindu resides.

Diwali is also known as “Deepavali” and it is known as festival of lights where people light lamps(Diyas) and hang lantern in their houses as well as it is also followed in corporate sectors.

Diwali is considered one of the greatest festivals in India and everyone celebrate in an unique way following their religions. This festival is celebrated with start of Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth) and God Ganesha(God Ganapathi) so every family get their blessing to get happy life, wealth and prosperity.

This festival usually starts between October and November every year. Hindus celebrates this festival by buying new clothes, preparing sweets and delicacies, giving new gifts to family members especially sisters.

Without discussing any further, lets review

Top 10 Best Gifts for Diwali

1. Cloths and Apparels.

Gifting cloths and apparels are the best things to give this Diwali as children and family members always love wearing new clothes during festivals.

Suggested clothes: Kurta pajamas, Saris, colorful dresses.

2. Watches.

Gifting watches is also considered best gifts for Diwali this festival.

3. God Idols.

Gifting idols of goddess Lakshmi and God Ganesha is considered bringing luck and happiness to the house. This would be best option to gift this to new couples or close families.

4. Books.

Gifting educational books to children’s, this is the good time to gift them. You can also gift some nice book to your brothers, friends, cousins, etc.

5. Gadgets.

Gifting latest gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets is the latest trend which teenagers love,(Best gifts for college students and employees)

Gaming consoles (XBOX, PS3,etc) is other option for children.

6. Sweets and Dry fruits.

Gifting sweets & Dry fruits is very common among all gifts during this festival but this is still highly followed by everyone.

Gulabjamuns, rasgullas and combination of dry fruits is suggested.

7. Puja thaali.

Puja thaali is best gift for every home as it is used in a good way for offering pujas to god. This thaali plate can be a copper or silver element.

8. Gift vouchers.

Yes, you are right giving coupons or voucher is unique way to give gifts this Diwali.This voucher can be a shopping voucher, movie tickets, restaurant voucher, etc.

9. Antiques and Painting.

Giving unique antiques or painting is also best gift to give this Diwali. This would be good decor for any home.

10. Greeting Cards.

Greeting cards is always the best way to wish Diwali So I can’t skip this one from this list. If not gift at least a greeting card will always bring smile on their face of dear ones.


Happy Diwali to All..  🙂

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