Tips For Packaging Your Product Right

Product packaging is as much an art as it is a science. Getting your product to the store shelves is only one part of the process. You need packaging that is going to attract attention and get your product sold. You also need to use packaging that meets legal requirements if you want stores to carry your product. After you have taken the time to learn more about dangerous goods packaging, there are some other packaging tips you should consider when designing your retail presentation.

The Shape Matters

When consumers look at retail shelves, they see a lot of rectangular shaped boxes with printing all over them. After a while, those kinds of packages get lost in the shuffle. But if you try something different, then you can get your product noticed. You should experiment with different packaging shapes that will be effective in getting your product to stand out, and getting your product noticed more than the competition.

Show Your Product

One of the reasons that products experience a drop off in sales after their initial release is the picture on the box does not match the product. You can set realistic expectations for your product and encourage stronger recurring sales by finding ways to show off your product in your packaging. Clear plastic coverings on parts of your packaging that show off the key parts of your product will get people’s attention and set the proper expectations.

Make The Packaging Efficient

Your packaging needs to be secure enough to ship your product, but it also needs to be easy enough for the customer to remove. Manufacturers who put screws and other types of harder edge packaging into their products make it difficult for consumers to recommend their products to others. You need to develop packaging that is easy for consumers to remove and allow easy access to your product if you want to encourage sales.

Use Colors

Colorful images are effective on packaging, but using multiple colors in the packaging itself is also extremely effective. Bright colors make your product seem exciting, and bright colored packaging will be difficult for any consumer to resist.

If you want to see products from retail shelves, then you need to have packaging that grabs people’s attention. Spend some time developing unique packaging for your product, and you will be rewarded with an increase in sales and sustained sales over time.

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