Tips for Buying a Used Computer

No one wants to make a mistake when buying a used computer. Deciding to buy a used computer is almost the same as the decision for a new computer. There are several facets you need to consider, and recommends the following tips to help you make the decision.

1. Know your intended use

The activities you plan to use the computer for will determine the amount of RAM and CPU speed you require.

• Basic use —basic office duties, picture sharing, personal finance, web surfing and email need 2GB RAM and 1GHz CPU

• Intermediate use —all of the above plus managing and downloading music, advanced office duties, and basic creative software require 4GB RAM and 2GHz CPU

• Advanced use —all of the above plus music, photo and video editing, web hosting, gaming and advanced features require at least 6GB RAM and 4GHz CPU

2. Check the battery

If you plan to use your laptop unplugged, buy one with a lithium-ion battery (lasts long away from the power source). However, most batteries have a lifespan of three years, so the battery in your used laptop may be already weak or dead. Thus, consider purchasing a new one.

3. Inspect the computer before you purchase it

When inspecting it, look out for the following components.

Frame —examine the chassis and the case. Inspect the corners of the case for any signs of impact. Cracks may make the machine squeaky or in the end cause the laptop to disintegrate.

Screen —examine the screen’s condition. You don’t want to discover uneven brightness or a screen that flickers. It may mean a faulty backlight or loose connections that are irreparable. Also, if you have more than two dead pixels, the picture quality will be affected.

Peripherals —check the trackpad and keyboard. These are the most often used parts of the laptop. Notice any irregularities or damage. Also, test the optical drive if you want to use CDs and DVDs.

RAM —the amount of memory will determine the speed of your computer. Check for the number of memory slots when inspecting it. These days RAM is inexpensive, and you can upgrade it to suit your needs if there are several memory slots.

When buying a used computer, take care to decide your intended use beforehand, and then inspect the hardware for proper functionality, wear and tear, and available memory. Don’t forget to visit a reputable Macbook Pro parts dealer for the necessary upgrades.

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