Three Ways to Make Life Easier Before a Big Move

Moving from one city to another or across the state can leave you facing more hassles than you ever expected. Moving across the country or between states can come with even more hassles. Not only do you worry about the safety and security of your belongings, but you’ll also worry about finding places to eat and shop once you finish your move. If you want to make life easier before your move and once you arrive in your new home, there are a few simple things you can do.

Arrange for Deliveries

Contact restaurants and grocery stores in that new city weeks before your move. Several grocery stores now offer home delivery service. Those stores let you place orders online, pay for your groceries and have those items delivered right to your front door. You can buy cleaning supplies, paper plates and even basic necessities like milk and eggs before your move. Finding restaurants that deliver lets you arrange for dinner ahead of time. After a long and hard move, you’ll love sitting down to a dinner that you didn’t have to cook.

Forward Your Mail

Forwarding your mail can make your life a little easier too. With New York City mail forwarding, you can rent a mailbox in NYC. The company will then forward any mail that arrives to that address to your new address. This ensures that you never miss out on an issue of your favorite magazine or a bill that came after you moved. This service is available in most major cities. You can even set up one of these mailboxes for your business mail to make sure that you get all the mail that your company needs.

Schedule Utilities

There is nothing worse than arriving at your new home and finding the utilities shut off. While you can live without cable and internet for a few days, you shouldn’t live without gas, power or water. Contact each utility company ahead of time to find out what you need to do to turn on those services. Some companies will run a credit check and charge you a small deposit. Many can actually come out and turn on necessary services before you get there. When you know what to take care of in advance like turning on utilities and forwarding your mail, you can make life a little easier for your family.

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