Tata Docomo Internet settings for android phones (GPRS)

Tata DOCOMO GPRS  settings for Android

Tata Docomo is one of the leading 2G network service providers in India. They provide service in almost every region in this country.

The gprs speed of tata docomo internet is quite good and gives good amount download speed on 2G sim. Users want to know gprs settings for their android devices.

Unfortunately they don’t provide direct settings for any android phone. Even If you try sending sms ‘INTERNET‘ to 52270.It won’t work.

You need to configure manual setting in your android phone. Don’t worry its pretty simple to configure.

How to configure Tata Docomo Internet settings for android phones.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to wireless & Networks
  3. Select Mobile networks
  4. If you have Dual sim then select SIM card settings, Select TATA Docomo.
  5. Go to Access Point Names.
  6. Click on left soft key (MENU) and select new APN.
  7. Edit Name : TATA DOCOMO
  9. Leave rest all fields empty.
  10. Click on left soft key(MENU) and save the settings.
  11. Again go to Access Point Names and Enable TATA DOCOMO APN.
  12. Now your android phone is successfully configured to use internet/gprs on Tata Docomo Sim.


Minimum 2 rupees Balance is required for uninterrupted service.

Restart your phone or refresh your network once, If not working.

To know more visit: http://www.tatadocomo.com/mobile-internet.aspx

This setting should work in all major states and cities like Mumbai, Maharashtra, Delhi, Bangalore, Karnataka, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata, West Bengal, etc.

This was all about Tata Docomo Internet settings for android phones 2012 – 2013,

Please share your experience via comments below. 🙂


103 thoughts on “Tata Docomo Internet settings for android phones (GPRS)

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  3. Sarvesh Reply

    Hey i also tried to add new APN on my handset. But as soon as i try to save the APN it disappears. I have noticed that wenever i have tried to change the MNC number the setting has disappeared after saving or going back (setting i tried are APN=TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET
    Port – 8080

    Kindly help…


    • Shasha Post authorReply

      Which handset you are using? There is no need to make any changes at Port, MCC.
      Just Enter : APN and thats it 🙂

  4. SriAnil Reply

    Hi i bought Micromax A110, with Docomo Provider. i had recharged with GPRS Pack, and had done whatever you said. but still its not working. Can you help me on that….

    • Shasha Post authorReply

      Keep minimum balance of Rs 3 or restart your phone, it should work.
      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  5. manish Reply

    Hi i bought Micromax A110, with Docomo Provider. i had recharged with GPRS Pack, and had done whatever you said. but still its not working. Can you help me on that….??
    i have balance more then 50 rs.

    • Shasha Post authorReply

      Just to make sure even I use Docomo and its working fine for me. Where are you located and is your gprs pack activated?

    • Darshan Reply

      people using micromax a110…put apn as TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC
      IT works fyn for both 2g and 3g..hope it works out for u..it worked for me…njoy..

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  7. KISHORE Reply

    my boile is sony xperia,previous it was conimg but now its not coming,and when i seletc ACCESS POINT NAME AS TATA.DOCOMO.MMS 3G IS COMING BUT IAM UNABLE TO BROWSE

  8. swapnil Reply

    hi shasha iam using tata docomo no. in my galaxy y mobile i was using 3g service for last 2 months but now i want to use 2g gprs i recharged my mobile with 95 1 gb gprs pack but service is not starting i called to cust care but they asked about the settings which are correct but still service is not starting plz help

  9. gururaj Reply

    For andriod phone please try this, may it will work, i had similar issue but its resolved by this setting


  10. kiran Reply

    Latest Phone SAmsung Galaxy Grand DUos


    Works…THANK SHASHA!!!!!

  11. javed Reply

    Hey I tried the above setting for my Samsung galaxy grand duos. but still its not working.
    AM I missing something?

  12. Vikarnt Reply

    Hi, I’m also facing the problem with both APN’s. setting doesn’t work for me. I’m using Samsung Galaxy S Duos. Can someone please help.



  13. Sumit Reply

    The setting work but you have to connect and disconnect many times to establish a perfect connection by gprs.. I am using rs 250 plan.. Very bad and poor connection.. Also the network round the country is very bad.. Very soon will be doing MNP..

  14. varun Reply

    hey there…
    I am using karbonn A11 with a docomo connection but facing inconsistent data connectivity…

    please do help….

  15. Pritam Reply

    same case with me….both APNs not working….im using samsung galaxy s duos

  16. Anna Reply

    Thanks buddy great !!!! The effect took place after restarting the phone
    I am using KARBONN A15 !!!!

    • rakshitha Reply

      dude can u just help me out with the settings even im using the same model so i need the whole setting procedure so kindly help ………

  17. sanjeev Reply

    GUYS USE TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC for APN .. and disable 3g if u had put 2g booster . it works finally 😀

  18. rakshitha Reply

    guys plz can u tell me how to do the settings in karbonn a15 ………..plz!!!getting dam irritated
    i had done till the mobile network but then i dint get that APN stuff so kindly help

  19. Namdev Reply

    i brought a new Micromax A89 andriod phone, please advice me how to get the internet settings on my phone..

  20. anurag shukla Reply

    Hi i bought sony neo, with Docomo Provider. i had recharged with GPRS Pack, and had done whatever you said. but still its not working. Can you help me on that….

  21. Anjani Reply

    hi.. i never used internet on my handset ,my handset is samsung galaxy ACE! i recharged today a gprs pack of 95 r.s (i gb-30 days) but then when i called to customer care they said to send a msg to 57220 writing INTERNET and i did the same but then too.. i am unable to access my internet.. plz let me know how to configure in a step by step procedure coz i have tried the one which you have mentioned above but then even thats not working.. hoping for a best reply! thanks in advance!

    • Shasha Post authorReply

      Check if you have received the setting. I think for android you need to configure manually as i have said above. 🙂

      • ANKIT Reply

        my mobile micromax a27 bolt, i want internet settings in my mobile , so how do that

  22. John Reply

    It just worked…. damn fast
    Even c-care or service executive didnt do it you done it very well thank you.

  23. Vijay Chavda Reply

    I have galaxy s7562 and I am not able to connect to internet. I have tried all things which is shared here but still getting same prob. So if you have any new helpful thing then share it here. I am waiting for for it…..

  24. deepak kumar Reply

    dear i cannot access internet on my victor android tab by tata docomo 2g, which is sim enabled, pls advise me how to get internet setting on my phone.

  25. Priyanka Reply

    m using samsung galaxy s duos
    n m facing problem in aceesing net…after saving the above settings…its nt working..plz help

  26. Manish Reply

    I have Google Nexus 7 with 3G option. I searching in different forums, I was able to set my mobile internet and its working with both APN ( TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC and TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET). I traveled from Chattisgarh to pune in train yesterday and I was getting 3G connection in chattisgarh with apn “TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC”. Once I entered Maharashtra (Nagpur) I was not getting 3G connection with either of APN. Same is case in Pune now. Not sure what is root cause of this problem?

  27. pavan Reply

    i purchased samsung galaxy grand, when ever i unlock the screen it is asking me to select the city
    “select city” its very irritating me, can any one help me plzzz

  28. Babajammy Reply

    I am not able to Get it on MMX A89 .. How to fix the internet problem on A89 Could some one please suggest

  29. Abhijeet Reply

    Sony Xperia tipo dual (ST21i2)
    When I’m get online gprs settings and goes to save then get this error…

    “Configuration message could not be authenticated against your SIM card.
    Message cannot be used to configure your phone.”

    Please help me to get right settings for this Android phone…(TATA DOCOMO).

  30. MVTHAKAR Reply

    Had used Rs. 250 “Unlimited” plane once and now what?
    TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET never worked after using that plan.
    Internet connection does get established but can’t open even a single site.

    Still have to use TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC APN.
    It rarely connects and if it connects, then gets disconnected after using somewhat amount of data and my phone immediately switches APN to INTERNET from INTERNETHVC!

    That’s too annoying…

  31. Abhishek Reply

    Thanks Worked (Maharashtra MNC:37)!!….. if your plan is 3G then only use HVC at last of APN

  32. smita Reply

    i tried watevr u told bt still my net s not starting..
    its urgent pls help me

  33. surya Reply

    both APNs not working….im using samsung galaxy s duos

  34. santoz nayar Reply

    thnz buddy , the apn settings i just did it the way u mentioned n itz working …….:-)

  35. Senthilnathan Reply

    Hi sasha can u tell me the server address for tata docomo.

  36. Rakesh Reply


    I have install whatsapp in my mobile micromax A116 HD but its not getting connected .
    the error message is “unable to connect please check internet connect”
    internet connects is working fine for other apps and browser.
    any body can assist me ASAP.
    using tata docomo connection
    Thank you

  37. omkar Reply

    Hi friends my what’s aap is not working it shows unable to connect server. But my other aap like uc browser,opera mini is connected to internet. M using tata Docomo sim plz help me.my mobile is karbonn titanium s5.

  38. SAI KUMAR Reply

    thank u very much its absolutely clear i wish u a gud luk

  39. Himani Reply

    I am not able to access internet on my samsung galaxy grand please suggest hpw can I use net properly on it

  40. Anusha Reply

    Hi.. My mobile is micromax ninja a89, i want to get internet setting.. I spoke to docomo customer care. but they said setting through message is not possible .. In the access pint ponit menu , i dnt have any option or tab to clik .. please help me . what to do next.. to get internet setting for my mobile model.. Please help …

  41. Mohammed Reply

    Hi All,

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Grand duos (I9082) handset, recently I got ported to Docomo, but unfortunately am not able to use 3G services, though i have subscribed for the same, i followed the settings below :
    APN : tata.docomo.internet

    All others are as is, but am still not able to acces 3G service, the handset only shows “E” or edge network which s very slow. I was using airtel previously, and faced no issues on that.
    Can anyone help….? Pls reply ur suggestions to mohammedbit at gmail . com.


  42. Sridharan Reply

    Super my dear, I was not using internet since I was not knowing how to configure. Now your tutorial halped me and it is perfectly working for my Micromax A111. Thank you very much

  43. milap Reply

    I want gprs setting for my micromax a27 android phone. I have tata docomo sim card. does any one tell me.

  44. mahesh Reply

    hey sasha…………my handset is SAMSUNG GALAXY S DUOS …..I have tried the settings u have said…but it’s not working……can i use internet in A.P…….while my sim is a banglore one…….pls help me…..

  45. hussain Reply

    my mobile micromax a57 configuration is working after your proper guide ..

  46. Shreyansh Reply

    hey i m using titanium s5 n recharged with a data pack of tata docomo.
    i have tried evrything given above but still its nt working n jus showing the letter ‘E’
    i m from jaipur plzz help..!

  47. Shivam Reply

    I am using Karbon A3+. i made the setting as per the instruction but my gprs is not working.
    kindly help.

  48. Altafhusen Reply

    Dear All,

    I am using Karbonn Titanium s5 I have recharge 3g pack in TATA DOCOMO but I am not getting 3g network or speed. Request if any body can help me out from this problem.

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