#StartANewLife – My Life, My Story


#StartANewLife may sound easy but it was not for me, I know many people in the world are always dreaming about what to do and their goals in life.

My journey was not similar; it was steep, full of thorns and wrong turns. My high school life was going well, but after that a disaster.

So many family problems and financial crisis stopped me studying further. The journey after college was more hectic as it was full of interview and finally ended up working in a night shift.

I continued working for a year, but the salary was not enough to run my family and clearing that debts which we own too few people and banks.

The only good thing about my job was learning new things on how online things work like marketing, seo, blogging, online products, etc. There were many bloggers earning good money by just posting few posts a day. These things helped me realized that there is also a hope of making extra money online. I continued working at a KPO with a part-time online blog which was my second job.

Now the problem was time, I couldn’t give enough time to my online venture because of that the blogging progress was going slow. I had to decide between my job and blog. Frankly speaking I was not making enough money online, but still I had a hope of taking it to a next level.

It took me more than a year to take a bold step and start a new life of my online journey. I started blogging and learned many other ways to make money online. There were some failure and success, but I never gave up.

Finally today is the day I spend my whole day working at home and spending time with my family.

Life taught me many things which steered me to this stage, One thing everyone should remember is try till you don’t succeed mantra as everyone knows hard work never fails.

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