How to Stand Out from the Competition

Many repeat customers for contractors are gained by finding ways to stand above their competition. Below are a few ways to help you and your business stand out from the rest and score more jobs on a consistent basis.

Listen to the Concerns of Potential Customers

Many consumers that express frustration with contractors list a lack of listening as a big factor in dissatisfaction. You might hear a customer talking, but are you truly listening to what they have to say? Give good eye contact and let them talk for the time they feel they need to express their concerns. It may stretch your patience on a busy day, but ultimately they will feel that you value what they have to say and builds trust.

Be Honest In Your Assessments and Estimates

Never over-play a problem to make a sale or underestimate a problem to avoid a tougher job. The customer is depending on you to be the resident expert on the subject at hand. your word is your bond with the public. Give an honest professional opinion that is based on facts. You will develop a strong reputation for being an honest business professional.

Always Show Up On Time

More than likely a customer has set aside parts of a busy life to be available for you to do the work for which you were hired. It is never okay to show up late when you have an appointed meeting time. They will feel that you do not value their time, or take the job seriously.

Offer to Fix Little Things That Could be a Potential Disaster

If you see a hazard, such as a bare live wire, fix it for them. It may be out of your realm of expertise, but if you can safely stop a plumbing leak or the house from burning down by wrapping a live wire, you will be seen as a professional that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Offer a Fair Price With Guaranteed Result

Offer an estimate for a job that covers the entire costs of materials, but be moderate about the income portion. You will not make your entire fortune off of one job, so be as gentle as you can with customers. Be confident enough in your work to guarantee your workmanship.

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