Simple Tips for a Better Website

Website optimization is a crucial component that will determine the overall success your website will have. Optimization of both your website itself and the content you put on it will go a long way in making your site as attractive as possible to readers, as well as visiting bots from search engines. Here are a few different ways you can optimize your website:

Have a reliable host.

While Google and other search engines won’t judge you by the hosting company you use, you will be judged by the speed that your server delivers your content. A slow, lagging web host means a slow, lagging website, which increases load time and decreases your website’s ranking.

Use a professional design.

Choose a professional design that utilizes easy-to-read fonts and plenty of white space in order to attract visitors. And it goes without saying that photos should be crisp and clear, and all written content free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Clean up your code.

Make sure your code is W3C compliant! Use code checkers to run your HTML and CSS code and look for errors. If any are found, make sure to fix them.

Add new content.

Content optimization is very important, and is most easily addressed by adding new content to your website on a regular basis. Make it part of your weekly or even daily routine to add at least 200 new words of content to your site. This can be done via a blog hosted on your site (perhaps on a sub-domain), or as an article that relates to what your website is about.


Today’s companies are on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you’re there, too. Use cover art and profile photos that reflect the logos and colors you use on your website, and make sure you update your statuses several times a week. By building a following on social media, you’ll be more influential and attract more visitors to your website.

Update regularly.

As mentioned above, updating your website on a regular basis is very important. Make it a part of regular website maintenance.

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