Reliance 3G plans and settings for Android Phones

reliance 3g

Reliance has recently started with 3G services. I was shocked to see the pricing because it was same as 2G. I started using their 3G pack of Rs 123 and believe me its really fast but what matters is their 3G coverage area.

You can check the coverage area by click here : Coverage Area

What do I get with Reliance 3G?

Superfast internet upto 21 Mbps and network superiority.

Brand new multimedia services – video calling, video on demand, gaming, exclusive 3G content.

Existing mobile broadband and mobile TV in a new super-exciting avatar.

Ease of use, enhanced security, and personalized customer service.

Reliance 3G plans

** – Please confirm with them before recharging. There might be change. Do online recharge from their website.

Reliance 3G settings

Most of the users today are familiar with internet settings. For android users : Just go to settings >> wireless & network >> Access point names >> create new apn

Name : Reliance 3G – BlogDum

APN : rcomnet

Enjoy your Reliance 3G, Please share your thoughts.

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