RankTrader – The First Stock Exchange for Websites

RankTrader is new opportunity for all webmasters to capitalize their website. RankTrader works almost same as stock market but without using any real money because here you will be provided with Virtual Money called as “V shares“. It in now in Beta Stage so you don’t have to deposit actual money to use this website.

RankTrader – Concept and How to start

There is no rocket science to understand the concept behind RankTrader, its pretty simple to use with their flexible user interface. As we already discussed all trade on this site works on V shares so you just need to deposit a small amount of V Shares in your Rank Trader bank.

 Starting with RankTrader

You just need to register with them either by requesting invitation, Twitter or Facebook.

Once you Login, you will find many options on your dashboard for example (the below image). On top Menu, you will find Ranktrader, MarketPlace, TopSites, SiteCentral and RT ToolBox.

RankTrader-home interface

Webmasters can add their site through SitesCentral tab where you will find add a site option. Next you need to fill all the details related to your website and verify it by adding meta tag on your website code.


RankTrader’s marketplace looks clean and easy to understand. There you can find list of websites where you can apply specific action like Buy or Sell on any website using V shares.


Now Let’s check out some of it’s features:

The first Stock market for websites
Nothing is hidden here, you can check Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Backlinks, SiteScore and Site Weight.
Voting option is available which will help you to determine top websites.
Good list of categories to find websites of your choice.
Easy submission and management of website for webmasters.
Forums, where you can interact with other RankTrader users.
Website is secured with SSL and loads very fast which will improve your user experience.

Ask your visitors or reader to invest you through this widget which you can add on your website


As this is a complete new concept its a must try for webmaster and traders who like stock market and trading. We are still playing with this website, Why are you waiting visit now.

One thought on “RankTrader – The First Stock Exchange for Websites

  1. Sean Quinn Reply

    I just recently came across RankTrader.com the other week and i must say, the whole idea has drawn me in and i love it now. There was i must admit, a few things i didnt understand at the start, but the staff on their forum help me out straight away.

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