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Online Marketing Works with Other Marketing Strategies

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You may hear people talk about online marketing and extra marketing for ad agencies as if the Internet is the only place where you need to market your company or your products. While the Internet is very important, it is not something that has to be separate from your other efforts. In fact, you are best off to use tactics that all work together so that you can engage your clients and potential customers in new ways. For example, consider the following:

1. Television commercials that drive people to websites.

Selling a product with a television commercial is fine, but most people do not make decisions while they are watching TV. They just want to get information, and they want to find out how to learn more. They will then make a decision at a later date, when they have more time to go over everything and decide what is right for them. Yes, some people will make snap decisions on the spur of the moment, but most will not. If your commercial drives them to the website, they can then gather information there. Both mediums work together to give the people what they really want.

2. SEO tactics that refer to other ads.

When you create a video ad for television, you may simultaneously release that video on the Internet. Your SEO tactics could then bring people to that video, wherever it is hosted, rather than to your main website. This will get more views for the video, and people will watch it online even if they would not have seen it on TV. Your commercial, of course, is going to push them toward your company or your website. This is a round-about way to get there, but you should not really care how your traffic is arriving, as long as it is.

3. Any ads that ask people to create online accounts.

Finally, you can use television and radio ads that ask people to create free accounts on your website. Tell them that the site will provide more information and that the account gives them access to a weekly newsletter. This can be a good tactic for lead nurturing. The people who sign up will be the ones who are interested in your products, and you can then send messages to the email address that they used to sign up in order to inform them about new products and sales.

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