Movavi Video Converter for Mac, Is Worth The Buy?


One big problem for mac users is that there are very few programs and software applications for them as compared to Windows. It has become a problem for most since there are things that some people need for their mac like video converters. Yes, there are video converters for mac available in the market, but they are not that efficient when it comes to converting different kinds of video formats. Some take a long time to convert a single MKV file to a recognizable format for Mac. But now, thanks to the insistent clamor for much better software for Mac, the new Movavi mac video converter has come out, and it really is the best and fastest all files converter there is.


Flash,MVI, MPEG, MPEG4, HD, OGV Quicktime, WebM, WMV, Real Media Matroska, WTV, 3GPP, Advanced Streaming format, Quicktime and DivX

Those in the list above are just some of the total things that Movavi can convert. There are also sound formats it can convert AAC, AIFF, WAV, MP3 and MP4, and so many more. You will note that Movavi is very adept at converting all these formats, and the hard selling point of this software is the topic to be discussed next which is speed.


Movavi converter has proven itself by trial testing that it can convert video formats up to three times faster than conventional video and audio converters.  It has its own Superspeed conversion process which is easily the fastest today, and then it utilizes all codecs to achieve this. With its new conversion engine, it can even process multiple conversions, and with very little effect on the speed conversion process.


Personally, I have tried to use this on my own MacBook Air, and it performed as fast as it dubbed, I even tried converting the tough to convert DivX files with no problems and also utilized it to do 3 files simultaneously. The result was so good that I deleted my previous converter. The amazing thing is that this is only for a good price of 39.99. Of course, I did use trial version at first to see what it had to offer, but seeing just how efficient it was, I guess there was no reason for me not to get this software tool right? And seeing it was for Mac too, which is very rare, I know it is a very good investment for me.

Movavi video converter is such a good buy that with the full version, I can now convert almost anything I want for my Mac. Though some people say it is like any other converter for mac, I do not believe so because based from my own experience, the speed is incomparable, and overall, there are just so much things you can actually do with this converter. The 39.99 is a small amount compared to all the things possible with this converter software. And if you are in need of help, they also have a 24/7 support to assist you with any questions. Now that is a worth it investment if you ask me.

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