mGinger Review – Earn Money By Reading SMS & Email

mGinger is a popular website in India which deals with making money online. They pay their users when they read SMS or email. They also provide deals on buying different products at very discounted rate. I know 75% of the people want to make money online in an easy way like by reading SMS, Survey & Email.


Now the question is do they really pay? Will I receive the product? Should I try them?

We are going to review them, let’s see what can be the answer for all the above question.

mGinger Review

I started researching to check how people are leaving feedback on them and for what reasons. I started with Lets find out what we found there.

If you check now at, there are 95 reviews on mGinger, where 65% of people have given them 1 star. Some of the most common title found is as follows

  1. Cheating customers with duplicate products
  2. Fake Products, Fraud Deals & waste customer support
  3. Do not trust this site at all Plz beware…
  4. Worst Online Service Ever Seen

This is what we found on mouthshut when we were looking for review on mGinger.

Other complaints:

Even on these sites most of the complaints are regarding product and delivery issues.


Percentage of voting clearly states the truth about them. Another truth is most of the negative reviews are complaint against mGinger regarding Deficiency in delivery.

Hence in simple words, I hardly found any negative review on their payment which you will earn by reading SMS and Email.

Bloggers who got paid from mGinger with payment proof: and

You can try them for making money but not for buying products is what my research says.

Decision is yours 🙂


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