How to improve google page speed for wordpress

How to improve google page speed


Mostly people ask How to improve google page speed score and How to load your website faster?

Right.. because Google has stated that it is important and an advantage for a website to score better in search engine results.

Basic things which are necessary for great result in google page speed improvements is choosing proper theme and plugins for your wordpress blog.


Use light weight theme for maximum output and check if the coding used in theme are simple, not jumbled and complicated.

Use only those plugins which are needed ,else disable or delete it.(Keep it for future use)

Lets start : How to improve google page speed score for wordpress.

In Recent times,I have found these four plugins which will help you to achieve good Google page speed score.

These are the cache plugins which acts a magic tool to optimize your website in regards to size and speed.

1> W3 Total Cache

2> WP Super Cache

3> Quick Cache

4> Hyper Cache

These cache plugins are well trusted by many bloggers and used most of the times,Here is the best tutorial for most of the plugins to improve Google page speed and load speed.I was planning to write my own tutorial on these plugins but I would rather divert you some other sites where they have provided clear step by step instructions to install these plugins 🙂

W3 Total Cache provided by W3-Edge is the most used plugin to optimize wordpress blog speed.It includes most of the popular websites using wordpress as blog for e.g

For W3 Total Cache I would suggest you to use settings provided by Gtmetrix W3 Total Cache setting  , which i use too. 😉 No Doubt, This will surely improve your google page speed score..!

For WP Super Cache, Recommended setting to use is configuration provided by the

Quick Cache is the simple one to configure compared to above two.If you’re looking to install this,then here is setting provided by



When I tested my blog for the first time without using a cache plugin my page speed score was below 60, which is far less as compared to required score.

After using cache plugin the figures got doubled 🙂

Let us know ,If it has really helped you in achieving good page speed score.


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