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The answer we are finding in this post is how to get alexa rank under 100 000.  Before visiting this post you may have went through many other forums, blogs, etc. on how to get alexa rank under 100 000. I agree with all the post around web on getting this alexa rank but I don’t agree with all the tips, I would also say some tips are really useless.

As you can see the competition is really high today, getting Alexa Rank under 100 000 is not easy anymore but not impossible. I have recently crossed this mark and happy to show you the reality behind getting this alexa rank.

How I got Alexa Rank under 100 000

1. If you are using WordPress, I would suggest you to use high quality SEO WordPress themes, which will help you to increase Google ranking. Now why to increase Google ranking, this will give you high CTR and organic traffic which is very imporatnt to improve your alexa ranking.

2. Alexa mostly counts your daily unique visits, so if you are getting high returning visits everyday compared to unique visits you will hardly find any change in alexa ranking. Hence try getting unique visits every day.

3. I have seen other bloggers recommending you to add alexa badges, widgets and tool bar, In simple word I would say these techniques are useless. This will only help you with everyday stats nothing else 😉

4. Ask your visitor’s to review and rate your site on alexa. A good rating denotes quality of your website or blog.

5. Write quality content so that visitors spend more time on your website giving you more page views.

6. Start sharing your posts and website links on different social media sites to boost your traffic.

How much traffic is get required to get Alexa rank under 100 000?

Looking at the current statistics (February 2013), you need 2000+ unique visits/day.

All the best for your goal 🙂

6 thoughts on “How to get Alexa Rank under 100 000 | 100% Tested

  1. ashish Reply

    well i agreed with all the points but have question is mind
    some times i saw sites with high traffic but they have bad alexa and some site are useless but have good alexa. Putting a widget surely help.

    • Shasha Post authorReply

      I have never used any widgets and you can check my rank 🙂
      The reason for sites with high traffic but they have bad alexa and some site are useless but have good alexa, may be low traffic blogs are getting more unique vists then high traffic blogs.

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    • Shasha Post authorReply

      What you only need is more unique visitors and organic traffic.

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