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How to Deactivate Reliance 39 SMS Pack GSM

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deactivate reliance sms packReliance Mobile have very limited SMS plans which includes 14 and 39 .One big disadvantage behind these SMS packs are they work on auto-renewal.

That means If you think you want to use their plan for 1 month and left thinking that my plan is deactivated, then this is not true.

All reliance sms plans get auto-renewed after due date, if you have sufficient balance in your prepaid account.

Without going any further Lets know:

How to Deactivate Reliance 39 SMS Pack

Step by step instructions:

1. Create a new sms/compose sms

2. Type: dact smspack

3. Send it to: 53739

4. Now your 39 sms pack is deactivated

5. You will soon receive a notification from reliance.


If you want to activate again, simply follow the below step

How to Activate Reliance 39 SMS Pack

1. Create a new sms/compose sms

2. Type: act smspack

3. Send it to: 53739

4. Now your 39 sms pack is activated

5. You will soon receive a notification from reliance.

Reliance gsm SMS packs

Vouchers(Rs.)Admin Fee (Rs.)No of SMSValid for
1412.455p/SMS (Local/National) for 200 SMS day30 Days
3934.71p/SMS (Local/National) for 200 SMS day30 Days

Click here to Recharge online


Also watch out latest reliance gprs plans

Thanks for reading.. :)


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