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Hathway Broadband Plans Mumbai Tariff 2012

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Hathway Broadband Plans

Hathway is an established Internet service provider in different cities of India like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Faridabad, Nasik, Baroda, Goa, etc. They also offer set-top box for digital cable in many cities of India.

I have been researching online to find updated Hathway broadband plans Mumbai, but couldn’t find the latest one. Even I tried finding one on Hathway’s website but the entire plan is expired and prices are also changed.

I have written this post so that users in Mumbai can find updated Hathway broadband plans Mumbai.

Hathway broadband plans are suitable for all type of users; they divide their plans on three basis Light users, Medium users and Heavy users.

This Hathway broadband plans was last updated on, November 2012.

Hathway Broadband Plans Mumbai 2012


Plan NameSpeedValidityTotal RsTotal GB
4 Months17428 GB
6 Months259612 GB
12 Months455118 GB
12 Months517022 GB
POWERWAY2 MBPS3 Months156312 GB
4 Months207916 GB
6 Months304524 GB
12 Months595548 GB
5 MBPS5 MBPS3 Months226515 GB
6 Months439430 GB
12 Months842760 GB



256 BLAST256 KBPS3 Months16755 GB After 128 Kbps
6 Months32705 GB After 128 Kbps
12 Months64055 GB After 128 Kbps
ULTRA 512512 KBPS3 Months1590NO FUP
6 Months3045NO FUP
FLASH 2 LITE2 MBPS3 Months232011 GB After 600 Kbps P/M
6 Months417011 GB After 600 Kbps P/M
FLASH 2 MAX2 MBPS3 Months265819 GB After 600 Kbps P/M
6 Months501219 GB After 600 Kbps P/M
FLASH 2 MAX PLUS2 MBPS3 Months344524 GB After 600 Kbps
6 Months641624 GB After 600 Kbps



256 Blast Regular256 KBPS1 Months5785 GB After 128 Kbps
512 Happyway Regular512 KBPS1 Months69010 GB After 256 Kbps
Neo 1024 Lite1 MBPS1 Months6623 GB After 256 Kbps
Neo 1024 Max1 MBPS1 Months75010 GB After 256 Kbps
Expressway 1 mbps1 MBPS1 Months125225 GB After 256 Kbps
GO 2 – Lite Unlimited2 MBPS1 Months7745 GB After 256 Kbps
GO 2 – Max Unlimited2 MBPS1 Months99910 GB After 256 Kbps
ZIP 5 – Lite Unlimited5 MBPS1 Months111213 GB After 256 Kbps
ZIP 5 – Max Unlimited5 MBPS1 Months145020 GB After 256 Kbps

Hathway Helpdesk : 022-67134600

Call for any inquiry on above number.

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Please share this plans with your friends :)



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