Four Misconceptions About Owning a Yacht That You Should Know

When you put yourself in the market to own your own yacht, you open up a new world of mental misconceptions that could set you back in your decision. The world of yacht ownership is set around expense and pretention; however, while there are certainly yacht owners that fit the clichés, most of what you’ve heard is false.

Read on to address the common misconceptions of yacht ownership and what you should know instead.

#1. Sailing is Expensive and Time-Consuming

Yes, sailing is time-consuming—but that’s a good thing. You want a hobby that you can invest your time and resources in. It will keep you busy, renew passion in your life, and ultimately lead to good times that you could have with friends and loved ones on the open seas.

Yachts and sailing aren’t quite as expensive as you would imagine, especially in the long run. The expensiveness is more towards the beginning with you first purchase the yacht and outfit it with everything you need to have safe, secure adventures.

#2. You Don’t Need Help to Sail

Sailing solo can be cathartic, but you will want to enlist a small crew of trustworthy pals to help with getting your yacht up to codes. You could even hire a professional sailor or captain to pilot your excursions. Or, opt for a cleaning crew to help you keep your yacht safe and tidy with t shirt rags and special cleansing solutions. Plus, sailing alone will eventually get lonely, so gather your loved ones to help you. Make your yacht a group project.

#3. Chartering Your Yacht is the Perfect Win-Win Scenario

Some people buy yachts to flip them, like houses, and turn them into special occasion or party boats. This can be great fun for all involved, but the turnaround of revenue can lack. Instead of the win-win scenario you imagine, you would be shelling out more than your guests for cleaning services, code requirements, safety gear for all of those people, and gas to get those guests from point A to B.

The last misconception about yacht ownership is that yachts are only for celebrities, athletes, and trust-fund baby boomers. Nope—anyone can own a yacht. The trick is saving for one, investing your time to make it worth your while, and appreciating what a sailing boat can do for your peace of mind.