Chelsea Apps – Choice to Enterprise Mobile App Development

Chelsea Apps Factory is the UK’s fastest growing mobile organisation. They enable enterprises to mobilize efficiently & effectively. They have an optimum team with senior consultancy experience to build prospective App Development and UX/UI.

CAF have extensive experience in app development to deliver enterprise applications to suit their individual needs, include multi-platform apps that span iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Mobile Responsive Web.

Mobile is the unimaginative gadget of today’s youth. And its proximity is immeasurable, nobody can imagine its wavelength of utilization. Actually, it is the only gizmo in this era which can be seen in the hands of each and every individual worldwide, whether it is in the form of tablets or smartphones.

Countries like the United States, United Kingdom and Australia and  are still the hubs of the worldwide mobile revolution, usage of the mobile apps has witnessed major surges in many other nations across the world (including developing countries).

Few Mobile App Development Trends for 2015, You must know.

1. Swift surges onto developer scene
2. Cross-platform tools growing in popularity
3. Enterprise apps make more money than consumer apps
4. Beacon and Location Based Wi-Fi Services
5. Wearable Tech
6. M-commerce, Banking and Mobile Payments
7. Internet of Things (IoT)
8. Big Data and App Analytics
9. In- App Advertising and Purchasing
10. The Growth of Enterprise Apps and App Marketing

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