Cheap & Best 16GB Pen Drive India under Rs 500

Best 16gb Pen Drive India


Pen drives are also know as “Flash Drives“. It is the most basic device which people carry with them these days. Pen drives are lot cheaper these days compared to previous year.

Some years ago people were happy with 2GB and 4GB pen drives but now people are not satisfied with these low storage devices.

Looking at the current market in India, the use of high storage pen drives has increased to a great extent especially 8GB and 16GB ones.


Considering these reason’s in mind, I have listed here some best 16GB Pen Drive in India under Rs 500/- 🙂

Best 16GB Pen Drive India

1) Sandisk Cruzer Blade 16GB Pen Drive :

Sandisk is the most popular brand among these 16 GB pen drives due its size, speed and durability.It is also the largest selling pen drives in 16GB version.Some of its features are as follows:

Ultra-Portable, Small Size
Smart and Sturdy
Feather light
Easy transfer of all media files

 Price: Rs. 475


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2) Transcend Jet Flash 350 :

Transcend Jet flash is sleek pen drive with simple design.Some of its features are as follows:

Easy Plug and Play Installation
USB Powered
LED Indicates the Usage Status
Fully Compatible with Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Transfer Speed:  Read 15 MB/s, Write 7 MB/s

 Price: Rs. 475


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3) Adata AUV100-16G-RRD :

Adata is a new brand competing with Transcend, Sandisk. It has some really nice features as follows:

Amazing write speed up to 17.5 Mbps (Average 16.4 Mbps),means almost fastest writable USB 2.0 Pen drive.
Awesome Read speed up to 30 Mbps (Average 24) means almost fastest readable USB 2.0 Pen drive.
15.1 GB Space, i.e. maximum Utility space compared to others.
Life time Warranty, Cheapest in its Capacity Range, Weighs only 24 grams.

Price: Rs. 463


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4) Strontium 16 GB Pollex :

Strontium Pollex has a unique design and strongly built structure.
It has some really nice features as follows:

Compact design
USB 2.0 interface
Hot Plug & Play
Durable solid-state storage of 10 years data, retention, High speed data transfer performance

Price: Rs. 499


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5) Strontium 16GB USB 3.0 JET Pendrive :

Strontium ‘JET USB Pen Drive is designed based on the USB 3.0 standard and is a perfect option for facilitating fast, multi-stream data transfer. It’s ideal for desktops and Laptops with USB 3.0 ports and it is also compatible with USB 2.0. It features a shock resistant and robust cap design. The exclusive metal casing displays an elegant texture, and it is complemented with a beautiful LED back-light feature that exudes an aura of sophistication. This will be your one and only data solution with high JET speed performance.

Transfer Speed: Minimum high speed data transfer rate (DTF) from 40Mbps for USB 3.0
5 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
Fully compatible with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and Hi-Speed USB 2.0, Easy Plug and Play installation, USB powered

Price: Rs. 479


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