How to Increase Google Page Rank of your Website | SEO

Most of the webmasters always wanted to know how to increase Google page rank of my blog or website. On what basis we get the Page rank? – It’s nothing but number of links pointing to your website from another website. Hence higher the number of links, higher the Page-rank.(Note: Quality links are counted which already has PR).

How page rank is measured? – It is measured from the scale of 0 to 10 and no page rank. O is considered as new or low authority website whereas page rank with 10 are considered as high authority website by Google. There are few sites with no page rank, there can be many reasons either they are not indexed, low value link, spam site, etc. Continue reading “How to Increase Google Page Rank of your Website | SEO”

High PR 100 Social Bookmarking Sites List | SEO

Why to use Social Bookmarking SitesSocial Bookmarking Sites helps your website to get one way backlinks which gives more value to your website links and increase in Page bookmarking sites

Bookmarking most of the your links on these Social Bookmarking Sites can give you best results in SEO. Make sure that sites are dofollow. You can optimize your links further by adding appropriate title, tags and links while submitting your website or blog. 🙂

Note: Social Bookmarking is for sharing your article on web, so share your best content. Don’t Spam with poor articles or links. Continue reading “High PR 100 Social Bookmarking Sites List | SEO”

12 Best Link Building Tips & Strategies | SEO

Link building is considered one of the most important part of SEO. Links from other sites adds value to your links due to which practice of link building have been increased to a great extent. Backlinks are important to improve your page rank, website authority and Search engine rankings. Links are of two types Dofollow and Nofollow, now what is the difference between them?link building tips


Dofollow: These are the links which search engine follows and adds value to those links.

Nofollow: These links are not followed by search engines which indirectly add no value to those links. No follow links are tagged with syntax rel=”nofollow”
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How to improve google page speed for wordpress

How to improve google page speed

How to improve google page speed


Mostly people ask How to improve google page speed score and How to load your website faster?

Right.. because Google has stated that it is important and an advantage for a website to score better in search engine results.

Basic things which are necessary for great result in google page speed improvements is choosing proper theme and plugins for your wordpress blog.
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