Best Sites to Learn English Online Free, Beginners & Kids

English is an important language today, Are you looking to learn it free online. We have listed here some best sites to learn English online free which will help beginners as well as kids.

English is not difficult to learn, if you practice every day with easy English words you will learn it easily. Try to learn the basics and grammar. These listed sites below will help you with every necessary thing to learn English. It also includes audio video tutorial as well.

Keep positive dedication in learning English, you will succeed. 🙂

Best Sites to Learn English Online Free

1. LiveMocha

LiveMocha is a community where you can learn English online for free. There are more than million users on this site. They will help to learn solid skills of language. Every language lesson includes reading, writing, and speaking exercises, with courses for every skill level. Teir language lessons will help you learn English faster and build confidence to converse with native speakers. Why waiting enroll now and start learning 🙂



2. Busuu

Busuu is ideal way to learn any foreign language. On this site you can learn English, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German and French. Busuu is a community based website to learn languages online.



3. EnglishClub

Learn english step by step with EnglishClub. It helps you to understand English in all possible ways. Good for beginners, students and teachers.

English Club


4. ESOL Courses

ESOL is simple site to learn English online for free. This site provides very easy way of learning English. Good for all level learners.

ESOL Courses


5. Learn English.De is easy to navigate site with all basic information to learn English like English vocabulary, English Dictation, English Grammar, Pronunciation, quizzes and many more.


6. English-Online

English-Online helps in learning English online for young learners, beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced.

Learn English


7. About

More ways to learn English for native and non-native speakers with


8. Learn-English-online

Best place for beginners to learn English online.


9. DreamEnglish

Best place for kids to learn English online.


10. AudioEnglish

AudioEngish have loads of audio pronunciation, audio tutorials to learn English in an easy way. It will also improve your listening skills. Suitable for everyone.



Thank you for reading 🙂

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