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7 Best Shorten URL and Earn Money Sites that Pays for Clicks

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Most of the internet users must be knowing about this URL shortener sites (Shorten URL and Earn Money) where you can create short links and promote them to earn money online. Today, There are many sites providing this service where one can create such short URLs to share and earn.

How can you Earn from this URL shortening providers?

  1. Sign up with desired URL shorterner provider (List Below).
  2. Copy your links and create short URLs from your account.
  3. Share anywhere with your friends, social media, websites, download links.
  4. Whenever someone click those shortened links, they will go through some short 10-15 seconds advertisements(for e.g. below).
  5. After this he can skip the ad and view the link that was hidden behind that short link.
  6. Thats it, whenever someone go through this advertisement after clicking, you’re paid. :)

url short example ad


If you have high traffic from countries like United States(US), Canada, United Kingdom then your potential of earning money from these short URLs is very high. Most of the URL shortener service providers pays you around $4 – $8/1000 visitors. They have set their CPM rates for specific countries. Lets find out Best Shorten URL and Earn Money Sites that pays for every click by visitors.

7 Best Shorten URL and Earn Money Sites



Adf.ly is the most popular URL shortener service provider. Register for an account with ADF.LY and start shrinking. You get paid for every person that visits your URLs.

Earn up to $4 per 1000 visits to your short URLs and they payout users every month for earnings above $5.00.

Example link: http://adf.ly/HRta5

Top New alternatives to adf.ly : CashFly| ReduceLnk - both have custom name option (Join now and turn your links to money)

Join – Adf.ly


Snip.ps has most of the same features as above sites. It’s pretty simple to use. Just enter long, ugly URLs in the big white box, add custom tags and titles, and click Snip it!. Share this snipped URL and start earning.

There is no minimum requirement for online payments. But, there is a $10.00 minimum requirement for payments by check.

Example link: http://snip.ps/cgw
Payment proof: Payment Proof – January 2013, Payment Proof – February 2013, Payment Proof – March 2013

Join – Snip.ps


SSL.GS is a free short URL redirection service provider with a twist. You will be paid for every link you share on the Internet. You can place links on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, forums, & anywhere you want to share links!. This is a best adfly alternative.

Earn up to $5 per 1000 visits to your short URLs and they payout users every month for earnings above $5.00.

Example link: http://ssl.gs/1Xr8C

 Join – SSL.GS

4. LinkBucks

LinkBucks is a popular site for making money online. There are many ways to make money from this website like ads, short URLs, etc. They are online since 2005, hence you can trust them.

It offers same service of URL shortening from which you can earn cash. They pay high for traffic from US, Canada and UK. They also provide CPA ads from which one can make around $1000/month, if you have good traffic.

Earning is not set for 1000 visits to your short URLs and they payout users every month for earnings above $10.00.

Example link: http://9bb416d5.linkbucks.com

Join – Linkbucks



wwy.ME is a free URL shortening service where you get paid to share your links on the Internet. Earning and minimum payout is same as ADF.LY

Example link: http://wwy.me/bGxHO

Join – wwy.ME

6. CashFly.com

CashFly.com is another best alternative to adf.ly. They offer PayPal or Check by Mail and NET 30 payment. Good rates for worldwide traffic.

Example link: https://cashfly.com/r/6FqO

Join – Cashfly.com

7. ReduceLnk.com

ReduceLnk is a new site which has started with link shortening and get paid when clicked on shortened links. Website is nice and easy to navigate. High earning potential for all countries.

Example link: http://rdlnk.co/KVLJF

Join – ReduceLnk.com



Each site has different terms and condition. Read Carefully.
Spamming of links is not allowed.
Adult links are also not allowed for few sites, Check FAQ before using.
Adfoc.us was removed from the list on being found scam.
Adm.as is closed

Any suggestion is welcomed :)



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    • Shasha

      Yes, They will pay you between 1 – 15 of every month.
      Any problem contact their support. :)

          • Omair Tarique

            i can earn like $140 a month (huge traffic from US,UK,etc.
            do u think they won’t scam me or don’t pay me?

          • Shasha

            $140 is a big amount, Have you received your first payment from them. They have paid me twice, hence they are not scam to me.
            If you are following their T&C, then you will be paid, it doesn’t matter what amount you have earned. ;)

  1. Omair Tarique

    that’s why i m being on the safe side
    i was with adfly i had croseed $130 and they banned me stating that i was sending fake traffics :/
    so let’s see whether pay or not
    anyway thnx ur reply :)
    btw u can tell me any other site like this?

    • Shasha

      Sorry to hear that with adfly. Anyways try & let us if it worked for you or not. ;)

  2. chris

    thank you for the post

    as my friend OMAIR, i’m wondering if snipps really pays because we can’t find proofs anywhere just in your site.

    • Shasha

      Yes, they are paying because it is new and no one tried it. have you found any negative review?

      • chris

        nope, nowhere, also, i think this site is older than 6 months, and we can find proofs easy for it with this age.
        anyway i keep you informed & posting on this thread after receiving my payment, as i hope i wont be scamed as many others.
        thank you again

  3. gbazsa

    Had 8 bucks at snipps they supended me remove it from the list scammer grooks

  4. Omair Tarique

    ha $52 ($24 from 15 refs)
    they disabled ads in my acc
    when i asked reason they said i used something called iframe or fake visitors :/
    how can that be

    ~~~~~~~~~~SCAM SITE FOR ME~~~~~~~~~~~

    • Shasha

      Sorry to hear that but they gave you the reason. Lastly they are not scam. Check my updated payment proof for March.

  5. Omair

    keep this thread updated..!
    i need more URL shortner sites

  6. shashank

    can you please tell me the best payment rates for india

    • ricky

      As far as the comparison research i’ve done, it seems that CASHFLY pays the best

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