Best Rubber Lining Options For Steel Pipes

When a company is dealing with streams of fluid which either have a content of solids or are chemically-corrosive, the traditional solution has been, and will foreseeably be rubber-lined pipes. The following options are what are most often offered by rubber lined pipe suppliers:

Natural Soft Rubber-

1. This is the lowest cost rubber solution on the market

2. It is best for the purpose of resisting tears or abrasions

3. This type of rubber is resistant to general types of chemicals

4. Remains stable when subjected to either cold weather or temperatures which change rapidly

5. Has a typical durometer of 40-60

6. Is completely gum-based

Natural Hard Rubber-

1. The cost is moderate, in between soft rubber and synthetic rubber

2. Great choice for its resistance to permeation and its resistance to chemicals

3. Resistant to temperatures over 200 degrees Fahrenheit

4. Very strong in its physical makeup

5. Has a typical durometer of 60-90

6. Is Ebonite-based

Synthetic Rubber-

1. This rubber is generally made from butyl or chloroprene. It is sometimes referred to by the trade name of Hypalon

2. This is the most expensive rubber that is widely used

3. Offers excellent resistance to permeation and resistance to the most aggressive chemicals in use

4. Resistant to temperatures well over 200 degreed Fahrenheit

5. Resistant to oil

6. Maintains molecular integrity in extremely cold weather or when faced with rapid temperature changes

7. Has a typical durometer of 40-60

As you can see these options offer a wide array of attributes to choose from. No matter what rubber-lined piping solution you will need, there is something on the market that will suit your needs. There is never a need to continue using plain unlined steel pipe for your construction or mining business.