The Best Jobs For Extroverts

Most people are shy and feel intimidated when they have to speak in public or enter a social situation with individuals whom they’ve never met before. However, there are those rare types who are incredibly extroverted. For these people, there is no situation or person that is intimidating. These are the people who are always ready to strike up a conversation with a stranger or dive into a new social situation.

If you’re an extrovert, then chances are that you don’t want a job where you have to sit in a quiet office by yourself all day. Instead, you want a career that allows you to interact with others and to put your extroverted personality to good use. Here are the best jobs for extroverts.

Property Management and Realty

This is a field where extroverts truly shine. When it comes to real estate, you need to be outgoing and personable if you want to succeed. That’s because you’re interacting with people all day long as you show them properties for sale and homes for rent. If you’re a people person, then this is the perfect field for you.

Sales and Retail

No one wants to feel like they’re intimidating the person behind the counter when they walk into a retail environment. Instead, they want to be greeted by someone outgoing and bubbly who’s excited to help them. If you’re an extrovert, then you’ll make a wonderful salesperson. Not only will you thrive, but you’ll enjoy all of the interactions that you get to have with customers.


If you ask a student about why they disliked a certain teacher or professor, they’ll usually say it was because the instructor was quiet and boring. Students respond well to teachers who are outgoing and energetic, which is why extroverts are natural educators. Not only will you get to spend all day with people, but you’ll get to enlighten them about a topic that brings you joy.

Essentially, extroverts thrive in any situation where they get to work with others. Any person with an extroverted personality should avoid any career where they’re isolated. Instead, they should find a career where socializing is part of the job description.

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