5 Best Domain registration India | Domain Registrar in India


If you search online you will find many domain registers in India but what we want from registrar is best offers on registration as well as renewals, Other than that we want more flexibility in making transactions.

Hence, here we are listing some of the best Domain registration companies in India where you can use Net-banking, Credit Cards, Debits card and Cash Cards to make transactions.

What things we consider from Domain Registrars?

1. Availability of all Internet top-level domains (TLDs) and Country code top-level domains (CC-TLDs)

For example: TLDs includes .com, .net, .info, .biz, .org & CC-TLDs includes .in, .co.in, .us, .me,etc

2. Cheaper price.

3. Domain Security.

4. Free Privacy or Private registration.

5. DNS management

5. Easy Renewal with better offers.


Top 5 Domain registration India | Domain Registrar

1. GoDaddy

Godaddy is one of the most popular domain registrars in the world. Godaddy recently launched their website for Indian users which was good news for Indian customers.

They have also provided customer care in India which is Toll-Free. My Website is registered with them. They provides regular coupons and offers on all of their plans.

In, Godaddy India you can use Indian payment merchants which we have discussed above. Your domain is secured with them.

After visiting check if it is godaddy.com, If yes, change the extension to in.godaddy.com

Visit GoDaddy

2. Bigrock.

Bigrock is gaining good popularity in India; you must have seen their ads on Television. I have 3 domains registered with them.

They have very nice interface and easy to manage domain settings. Plus they also provide good support.

They also come with good domain registration offers and web hosting deals.

Visit Bigrock

3. Znetlive.

Znetlive is the oldest domain Registration service provider in India. they are online since 2002.

They have nice interface and support.

Visit Znetlive

4. Net4.in

Net4.in is another popular domain registrar in India. They provide cheap hosting services as well as domain registrations.

They are quite old in this business and know how to deal with customers.

Visit Net4

5. Speedhost

They are not popular for domain registration but they have good support which is good thing for any queries.

They provide free privacy protection, DNS management, Domain Theft Protection and Forwarding with every domain registration.( These all features are included all above websites.)


Visit Speedhost

This article was all about Domain registration in India.


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