Hathway Broadband Plans Mumbai Tariff 2012

Hathway Broadband Plans

Hathway Broadband Plans

Hathway is an established Internet service provider in different cities of India like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Faridabad, Nasik, Baroda, Goa, etc. They also offer set-top box for digital cable in many cities of India.

I have been researching online to find updated Hathway broadband plans Mumbai, but couldn’t find the latest one. Even I tried finding one on Hathway’s website but the entire plan is expired and prices are also changed.

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Paytm Review | Is Paytm.com good to do online recharges?

Paytm review

Paytm is one of the largest used website for doing online recharges in India.

I have been using Paytm for more than 6 months, hence just decided to write review on them.

This Paytm review is my personal experience with them while making online prepaid recharges from their website.

There are many online recharges websites in India like Freerechrge.in, Paytm.com, MobiWik.com, etc.

Frankly speaking I have never tried other websites except Paytm because I was extremely satisfied with their user interface and easy to use website on very first attempt. 🙂
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How to edit robots.txt in wordpress



Robots are very important nowadays to handle bots from crawling your website or pages, Hence it is important to add robots.txt file in your website’s root directory.

One of the main reason of using robots.txt is hiding your private pages from search results like for .e.g. your-website.com/wp-admin

Generally, If you don’t use robots.txt file, bots (spiders) will crawl your entire webpages, some are not necessary or it can also be duplicate contents.

I would better suggest you to use this file to guide bots to crawl your websites/blogs properly.
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11 Latest Free Business WordPress Themes 2013

free business themes

Free business WordPress themes .

free business themes

Starting a business online and looking to create a website, WordPress is the best platform to start your online business due to its easy to use nature and many features.

WordPress is really simple ,just select a theme configure your webpage ,add you details ,products ,contacts and your website is live , that’s really easy isn’t it.

So just to make your job simple I have listed here some of the latest free business wordpress themes,which are really good and has many features as well.
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Cheap Game Controller for PC in India under Rs 500

Cheap Game Controller PC in India under Rs 500

Game Controller for PC in India

Game Controller PC in India under Rs 500


Are you a game lover?,Have you played Mario,Contra using Joystick then why to use keyboard always for playing games on PC when game controllers are so cheap.

I have researched some cheap Game Controller for PC in India,which you can buy online from home with a mouse click away 😉 and experience all the games on your new game-pad.
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How to add yoast breadcrumbs below menu bar

How to add Yoast Breadcrumbs

How to add Yoast Breadcrumbs

WordPress seo by Yoast plugin has many features and one of them is breadcrumbs.This is really a nice feature and has many advantages for visitors as well as bots(spiders).

Breadcrumbs are the best way to respresent your website navigation for users.It helps them to navigate your website easily.

Example of breadcrumbs(This is how they look on your website) : Homepage > Category > Post Name
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