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How to add addon domain in Cpanel | Softaculous | 2013

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Looking to add new domain in your hosting account, don’t know how to do it. We will guide you in a easy way on how to add addon domain in Cpanel. It is not that difficult pretty easy to do.

Here I am using softaculous script to install WordPress on my shared hosting account. Lets start the procedure of adding new domain to your Cpanel.

How to add addon domain in Cpanel

1. Login to your Cpanel hosting account.

2. After you successfully login, look for domain section in your main page.


3. Click on addon domain, next you will find addon page where you have to fill domain information, document root and password. Click on add domain. Wait for few seconds until you get a message “Addon domain created“.

cPanel 14

4. Again visit your Cpanel home and look for scripts section. Select desired script you want. Here we choose WordPress. Click on WordPress and you will be redirected to softaculous WordPress script install page. Click on install button.

cPanel 145

5. After clicking install button, you will find this below page where you will enter all the details related to your new domain blog.


You can customize this settings as you wish, if you have knowledge.


Keep indirectory field empty.
Change table prefix to something like wp_bd (domain short code after wp_), not necessary just to add more security.
This should work with all leading hosts such as Hostgator, KVCHosting, Liquid Web, Bluehost, etc.

Please share this tutorial on setting up an addon domain in Cpanel.

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