5 Tips for Designing Your Corporate Signs

Corporate signs are about more than just image. They also represent your business as a whole, which is why it’s so important that they reflect your values, products and aesthetics. If you’re struggling to find a sign that encompasses your business, here are just five tips for making something great.

1. Know Your Demographic

Who are your customers? What are their ages, genders and income levels? What kind of visuals do they respond to, and how can you tap into that imagery when crafting your sign? If you’re trying to attract middle-aged mothers, your signs should look different than those of a preteen fashion store.

2. Determine Your Taste

Once you have an idea of consumer preferences, it’s time to decide how to best reach them. For example, if you’re targeting professionals in the 18-49 bracket, you’ll probably want something sleek and sexy rather than colorful and splashy. If you’re launching a restaurant in the southern U.S., you’ll want to aim for country charm.

3. Establish a Budget

How much will it cost to manufacture your signs? How many of them do you need? You’ll have to juggle some numbers to figure out where your limits lie. Are you outsourcing the graphic design or creative planning? Make sure you include the company’s fees and commissions in your final tally.

4. Set a Schedule

While some flexibility should always be given to your calendar, it’s a good idea to plan things out and have goal dates for the creation of your signs. For instance, you might spend two weeks on brainstorming or a month on demographic research. You might need signs printed and ready by the grand opening of your business in six months. Having a schedule will keep you on track to meet these deadlines.

5. Ask for Help

As noted above, professional design companies can lend a hand with everything from creative concepts to sign implementation. It all depends on the scale of their services and how much assistance you request. Don’t be afraid to utilize their expertise to the fullest, either. Who will know you had help?

If you aren’t quite sure what your signs say about you, these are just five ways to improve them.

Corporate signage is a critical part of modern advertising, so don’t be afraid to allocate energy and funds for it. The right sign can make all the difference in your clientele.

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