5 Best HeadPhones with Mic Online India below Rs 500

Headphones are one of the important accessories for us, it is basically used for chatting, listing music or video calling,etc. Finding a quality cheap headphones are difficult. Just to make sure you get the right product, I have listed here some of the best headphones with mic which have multipurpose use for your day to day life.

Best HeadPhones with Mic Online India

 1. Philips SHM1900 Headset

This is a cool wired over the ear headset. Philips is a trusted brand. Go for it.

Rs – 501/-  | SnapDeal | Amazon

2. iBall Rocky Headset

This is one of the popular headset I have seen. Even I am using this headset. Good for price and good quality product for all purposes.

Rs – 380/-  | SnapDeal | Amazon

3. Logitech Stereo Headset H110

Logitech is a popluar brand and computers users know this for computer peripherals. Good daily use headset and worth for the price.

Rs – 459/-  | SnapDeal | Amazon

4. Frontech 3442 Headset

Frontech 3442 Headset is a cheaper version of iBall Rocky. Yet it is good, durable and value for the price.

Rs – 215/-  | SnapDeal | Amazon

5. iBall i369MV Headset

This is the cheapest in this list. Light weight, wired and Supra-aural Headset.

Rs – 199/-  | SnapDeal | Amazon

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