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Link building is considered one of the most important part of SEO. Links from other sites adds value to your links due to which practice of link building have been increased to a great extent. Backlinks are important to improve your page rank, website authority and Search engine rankings. Links are of two types Dofollow and Nofollow, now what is the difference between them?link building tips


Dofollow: These are the links which search engine follows and adds value to those links.

Nofollow: These links are not followed by search engines which indirectly add no value to those links. No follow links are tagged with syntax rel=”nofollow”

Today most of the blogs and website uses nofollow tags to prevent link juice, Hence getting dofollow links are not easier these days but not impossible. Let’s find out what are those Best Link Building Tips & Strategies for your websites.

12 Best Link Building Tips & Strategies

1. Create original content

It is always said that “content is king” so always keep your content unique and straightforward. Original content with more than 500 words rise higher in search engines with the use of appropriate keywords.

Writing original content on certain topics can get your link on their website with same niche. Write something which people are looking for that’s it, you’re link will be shared with many social media sites and bloggers which will indirectly help you in getting good backlinks.

SEO Importance of Original Content


2. Guest Posting

The most effective way of getting dofollow links is “Guest Posting”. This method is being followed by most of the bloggers these days. Find blogs related to your niche then check if they allow guest posts. Follow their guest post guidelines and create an article. Don’t forget to add link in your signature. 🙂

Note: Submit Guest post on blogs with minimum page rank of 2.

Link Building with Guest Posts-The Complete Guide


3. Social Bookmarking

Start bookmarking your website on different social bookmarking sites. It will help you in two ways one with traffic and other with backlink. 🙂

100+ social bookmarking sites


4. RSS feeds syndication

Submit your feeds for syndication with different RSS Feeds sites.

List of RSS feeds sites for different blogs


5. Directory submission

Directory submission is another easy way of getting dofollow links to your website. Start submitting your website with different Directory submission websites.

1000+ Free and Paid directories with PR


6. Press release

If you have some unique news to share, try submitting it as a Press Release. The news article should be live on your sites before submitting press release. Don’t forget to leave source link while submitting Press Release.

100+ Press Release web sites with PR


7. Blog commenting

The most popular technique of getting backlink is Blog commenting. As I told you earlier most of the blogs today are on nofollow rule. Hence finding dofollow ones are difficult.

But plugins like Keywordluv and Commentluv have made it easier to get dofollow links.

1000 dofollow commentluv blogs


8. Forum posting

Do you like contributing your knowledge? If yes, forums are the best place where you can share your opinions, thoughts and signature. Signature helps other visitors to know about you. This is the best place to share your link.

Note: Do not add you’re link in the reply. Read forum guidelines. Don’t spam or else you will be banned.

600+ Dofollow Forums


9. Review products

Writing reviews on different online products can get you backlinks from thier owners or other niche bloggers. Start writing reviews on products which you use online. For example web-hosts, plugins, eBooks, etc.

10. Article submission

Start writing unique articles on different articles submission websites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Ezinearticles, Goarticles, etc. This strategy can benefit you with high PR backlinks which are helpful in increasing you website authority and page rank.

200 article submission sites


11. Trackbacks Links

If you are writing a post on specific niche and you find more helpful article on the same niche then you must add them in your post as references. In this way you will get trackback links which are Keyword oriented.

Note: Check that post which you want to link, if it is trackback enabled.


12. Developing new products and Offering Freebies.

Developing new products like WordPress themes, plugins, etc. and Offering Freebies can get you instant backlinks.


Thanks for reading, Please share your techniques on link building.

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    Link building is the most important part of the SEO, you mentioned almost every technique that works these days and provided some useful links as well, I bookmarked those links, Nice share.
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    Marc A. Donald

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